Clyde & I are in Washington this week visiting family & friends under a gorgeous, uncharacteristic clear blue sky, and sunshine that makes Seattlites stop and squint and say, “Have you noticed that strange glow in the sky?” Then on the way back to Long Beach we plan to stop by the Bay Area for a trip down Memory Lane, which, by the way, gets shorter every year. We shall indulge in some cheese puffs at Fat Apples, stroll around Lake Merritt, elbow a few Chinese grandmas in Oakland’s Chinatown while trying to score some BBQ pork. Oh, and of course, see dear longtime friends. I’ll also be gone the Memorial Day weekend hanging out with family in Oceanside.

Re: my health, I’ve certainly seen better days, and often need a cane to get around.But I’m still in the land of the living, by God’s grace and His grace alone. I can’t tell you how much your intercessory prayers mean to me. I so appreciate all who are fighting the good fight with me. My hope and faith continue to be in Jesus, who came that we may have life, and have it to the full.

As I mentioned in my last blog Clyde & and I traveled to Bethel Church in Redding, CA to receive prayer through their Healing Rooms. (You can Google Bethel for a full description of their ministry.) I’m still processing all that happened – and there was plenty! – and promise to write more in a future blog how God met me there.

Right now, gotta run. I’m off to see “The Avengers” at a movie theater that serves dinner with the movie while you sit in a cushy sofa. The only thing missing is they should let you wear your jammies!

Love you all-

Till the sun no longer shines,
Till the rivers all run dry,
Till the poets run out of rhymes,
Till the end of time,

(can you tell what I’ve been listening to on Pandora?)

~ Caryn


Our God Saves

Grace, mercy and peace to all of you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus – and from me too.

I was startled to see I have not blogged since Dec. of last year! My, how time flies when you’re goofing around.

But serioiusly, I’m blogging to you today to let you know my health is not good, and to ask for your ongoing prayer for the eradication of my brain cancer. A recent MRI showed an increase of the lesions, which prompted my oncologist to predict I have only a few months to live. I’m taking that under advisement (the Holy Spirit’s) and continue to pray that God take the mustard seed of faith that I have managed to hold firmly in my hand, and by his power and mercy accomplish mountain-moving miracles.

Clyde & I and a group of friends from my church (Catalyst Christian Community) are traveling together to Bethel Church in Redding, CA this weekend to their Healing Rooms, which focus specifically on praying for physical healing. I am not one to go chasing after healing – it’s way better to chase after God…not that He’s trying to run away or anything. But the Holy Spirit gave me the sense that He has something to give me, so I’m going to Bethel this weekend to receive it.

Some of you may have questions or concerns – I know I do – which I will try to address in future blogs. In the meantime my church is fasting and praying for me this week. Many of you have been praying for me for years (thank you!) and also fasting at times (a spiritual discipline that still eludes me)). But if you’d like to sign up to do either or both on a specific day this week, email me at clydef531@aol.com and I’ll add you to the list.

I love and appreciate you all so much. I could not fight this battle without each one of you. I already feel a company of angels locking arms, ready to do battle. Thanks for standing with me.

~ Caryn


Mom’s Memorial Service

I realize those of you who might have wanted to attend my mother’s memorial service will be unable to because of the date and time. But here is the information in case you’re interested:

Tuesday, Dec. 16 – 11:00 AM
4871 S. Centinela Ave.
Los Angeles 90066

Family extends an invitation to guests to wear purple if they’d like, a request of my mom’s.

A light obento lunch will be served afterward.

much love,
~ Caryn


‘Bye, Mom

This past Saturday, my Mom passed away. It was somewhat unexpected, and yet not. She had been dealing with breast cancer (like mother, like daughter) and had some complications. She was admitted to the hospital where we expected/hoped she could be treated and released back home soon. But the medical issues turned out to be more serious than the doctors could resolve.

Mom lived a tough life – born during the Depression, the second of nine children; coming of age during WWII; enduring Internment Camp life at Manzanar. Then later having to bring up four bratty children, of which I was the brattiest.

Then in her early 70s, Mom gave her life to Jesus – which is when I realized I had pretty much given up on praying for her. But fortunately, God’s love never fails, it never gives up. She was no “Sunday Christian” either. I was always amazed at how diligently she did her Bible lessons using a Life Application Study Bible she could barely lift.

My family and I will miss her a whole, whole lot.

Mom, I’m so glad you’re now in a place where there is no more sorrow, no more pain, no more people telling you hey, you can’t eat that! Though at times your love may have failed – I imagine not without cause, you never gave up on me.

~ Caryn


Radiation Update #1

From the Kaiser Four Seasons Resort…

I just finished my first week of brain radiation treatment. The procedure is done in the same facility as last time, same room, and I know the drill, so nothing new here. Except I’m staying in a different apartment, which happens to be exactly across from where I stayed last time. It took me three days to remember to turn left and not right when I left the apartment. I wish my brain memory was as resilient as my muscle memory.

Since I know the neighborhood from my last stay, I’m less inclined to go exploring and more content to stay at “home” with the projects I brought with me. I decided to go on a people fast this time, meaning no visitors except my hubby Clyde who stays with me. It was a good decision. You learn things about yourself, and unexpected feelings surface, when the outside din of voices is lowered for a time.

My only complaint with my five-star accommodations is that there is no wi-fi, and I have no 3G. So my blog updates may be a little spotty as I wander the streets looking for a free connection (right now I’m in the LA City Library). My last treatment will be Dec. 2.

Just so you know, I’m doing fine so far, thanks to your prayers and the countless blessings I’m consistently smothered with by all of you.

With an overflowing heart
~ Caryn



Clyde and I had a great trip this summer traveling by rail & car through the magnificent Canadian Rockies. I know I promised not to bore you with photos, but I couldn’t restrain myself from sharing just a few:

Here I am standing in front of some trees and really big rocks. (Banff)

185 (2)

Here is Clyde enjoying the Banff Gondola ride.


Here is Clyde after he looked down.


Here we are framed by a spectacular backdrop at the top of the gondola ride.

229 (2)

Here I am with our tour bus guide Oliver.

043 (2)

Seeing God’s handiwork in Canada was breathtaking, but I also came home with treasured memories of what He created “a little lower than the angels and crowned with glory and honor” – people. Clyde and I had a chance to get to know our bus driver while waiting at each stop for those inevitable late returnees. At the end of the tour we were the last to be dropped off, so I took the opportunity to say a prayer of blessing for Oliver and ask God to give him rest and peace after a full day. Moments like these moved my spirit as deeply as the glorious glittering surface of Lake Louise.


The results of my most recent brain MRI were not encouraging. My oncologist told me there were six spots remaining, but she misspoke. My radiology oncologist said that although several of the lesions either shrank or disappeared altogether, some had grown (probably the ones my other doctor had seen). So in a few weeks I’ll be starting another round of brain radiation. I thought I could only have this procedure once, but apparently I can do a lower dose for a shorter period (10 days instead of 14). The good news is I’ll be lounging again at the “Kaiser Four Seasons Spa and Resort” (i.e., their apartments).


Please pray for me as I round yet another curve, still running, still carrying the flame of faith. Against all conventional wisdom I pray for complete healing – because our God is not a conventional God. And as a dear missionary declared over me, “God doesn’t do things halfway!” As I see it, it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings, who for sure won’t be me ‘cuz I weigh all of 93. So the course continues an uphill climb, with your prayers of love and healing urging me on, and the Holy Spirit filling my lungs with songs of praise.

with all my love,
~ Caryn

112 (2)

“The heavens tell of the glory of God.
The skies display his marvelous craftsmanship.”
~ Psalm 19:1


OUT TO LUNCH … and breakfast & dinner!

Clyde & are on a long anticipated vacation to the Pacific Northwest. We just spent several days visiting with Clyde’s family and some friends in Renton, Washington, and now are in Vancouver, British Columbia, preparing to board a train that will take us through the Canadian Rockies.

So look forward to future posts about our trip, which I will try to make more interesting than the usual family vacation slideshow: “Here we are in front of a mountain. Here we are in front of a tree. Here we are in front of another tree.”

Thank you again for prayers for my health which made this trip possible. I am holding up well, b/c Jesus is doing the holding.

much love,
~ Caryn